How to Speed Up Your Home Sale

While everyone wants to sell their home as fast as possible, it's also true that, for some sellers, the need is greater than for others.

Take the example of a couple whose kids have left home and decide to downsize. While they will move when they find the right home and get the best deal for their current property, there is generally no pressing deadline.

On the other hand, many sellers may have a move imposed on them, most usually by having to relocate for a job or a death in the family. Every second can count in such situations, so it makes sense to have everything lined up so that the sale can happen as quickly as possible.

Here are four ways of helping the process to move along rapidly:

Price - There's a tendency for many sellers to want to start at a higher price than the market will bear, which inevitably means that an adjustment will have to be made in terms of the price somewhere down the line, in order to attract potential buyers to view the property. Here's where listening to the advice of an experienced agent pays particular dividends when time is of the essence. Good agents will know exactly where your home sits in terms of the local competition and be able to suggest an optimized price that will immediately stimulate interest and, as a result, possibly attract multiple offers, improving the return (We actually had a client this week who received 3 offers and ending up selling the property for the full asking price).

Condition - It's a well proven maxim that a home in great condition will sell quicker and for more money than a similar property in an inferior state. If you have any suspicion that you could be moving in the coming months, there's no time like right now to check everything is working as it should and that furniture and decor is both well-presented and in neutral colors to appeal to the widest possible customer base. Some sellers are even going as far as to get a home inspection carried out, instead of waiting for one after an offer has been made. It's a great way of creating buyer confidence and avoiding any nasty surprises that could delay the sale, or worse...

Showing Availability - Inflexibility in terms of when you would be willing to let buyers view your home can be costly and slow down a sale. Consider that some of the most well qualified potential purchasers work some strange hours, including those in the healthcare industry and law enforcement. Make sure you're on their viewing shortlist by accommodating their schedules.

Professional Quality Pictures - When you're in a hurry to sell, you need to make a fast impression. Don't hire an agent who uses a mobile phone and then posts poorly lit and amateurish images online. At The Novello Group, we always use professional photography to promote our listings, which means your home will look at its best from the very moment it is listed, giving you the best chance of a very positive early response.

These are just a few pointers as to how you can help to influence a quick sale. Why not contact us today for a more detailed discussion related to your own situation.

Kind regards
Aaron Novello