Key Questions Before You Ask A Realtor To Sell Your Home

Sellers often imagine that all real estate agents will make equal efforts on their behalf.

Agents therefore get hired with minimal investigation into their sales track record and strategies, ultimately leading to disappointment in terms of an unsold home, or one that sells for less than its true market value.

Like any walk of life, there are winners and losers and it's vital that you make sure the agent you're going to work with can thoroughly substantiate his/her performance level.

Of course, every agent will try to impress you, but to help you to choose the best candidate, here are some key questions you need to ask:

"What's your sales track record?" - Results don't lie. You should ask for sales performance (closed sales) over the past year and also the previous year. It's also good to know what percentage of these sales were the agent's own listings, helping you to see how effective he/she is for home sellers.

"How well do you negotiate for clients?" - Great agents will sell their listed homes at very close to the asking price, sometimes above it, so ask them for their average list-to-sales-price-ratio. Look for percentages in the 90+ range - the higher the better.

"What's your plan to sell my home?" - The purpose of this question is to gauge the agent's marketing strategies. In addition to the most basic things you'd expect, like listing the property on the local multiple listing service (MLS), "For Sale" signs and so forth, what you need to see are the extra proactive steps that will be taken to ensure your home gets maximum market exposure. In particular, you need to ensure that the agent will be actively prospecting for buyers. Is there a proven plan for promoting your home online and via other social channels? What you don't need is an agent that simply lists the home and waits for inquiries.

"How long will you take to sell my home?" - What you're looking for here is how many days, on average, the agent takes to sell a home, against the average number of days for agents in the area.

"What do your clients say about you?" - All successful agents will have a great portfolio of recent testimonials they can show you that speak to the quality of the customer experience they offer. You might also want to do an online search for testimonials, just to make sure the agent isn't hiding any bad ones.

We hope that the above questions help to give you a basic toolkit to evaluate agents. We'd be happy to answer them, and discuss how we can meet your specific needs, so please reach out to us.