Why it's Never Too Early to Engage with an Agent

As the saying goes: "there's no time like the present". This holds especially true if you're making plans to sell your home in 2019.

The first time most people engage with an agent is when they are just about to list their home. But did you know there are a wide range of important things that an agent can be helping you with right now?

Here are just a few:

Preparing your home for sale - Your return on sale can be maximized if your home is in tip-top condition and your agent can advise you on the best ways to present the property to prospective buyers. Naturally the more time you have, the easier it is to prepare the home correctly.

Creating interest in your home even before it lists - Great listing agents work closely with a network of the area's best buyers' agents. If they know your house is coming onto the market, they can create interest before it has even listed. In some cases this can lead to a firm offer being received before any formal marketing takes place!

Watching market trends for you - The best agents know their market intimately, in terms of what people are looking for, available inventory and pricing trends. Even if you don't plan to sell for a while, your agent can advise you of favorable market trends that could mean there are strong financial benefits to you in bringing the sale forward, if you are able to. Equally, there might be reasons to slightly delay plans and your agent will also be there for you in this regard.

Planning your next home purchase - In most cases, home sellers will be looking to buy another home, following their own sale. Early engagement with a professional agent ensures that you will have an excellent information source for homes you might be interested in. This can also assist in a seamless move from one house to the other, as your agent works with you to sell the home for the best price in the time frame that works for you. Even if you are moving out of the area, the best agents have good network connections with top performing colleagues in other areas who can assist you.

Acting as your advisor - Because you've linked up with the agent as early as possible, he/she will be there for you as a sounding board on any real estate matter. The advice you receive will be stronger due to the agent's prior awareness of your home and individual circumstances.

It might be very early in the year, but it's absolutely not too early to talk with an agent, even if you're not exactly sure when you will be selling. Please feel free to contact us for an informal discussion of your 2019 plans.

Kind regards
Aaron Novello