Privacy Policy

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Welcome to our Privacy Policy (“this Policy”). SoldFL (“us” and “we”) has written this Policy to help you better understand the nature of your relationship with us and to allow you to make informed decisions about certain aspects of our relationship. For this reason, we encourage you to read this Policy carefully. Your continued use of our Web site constitutes your acceptance of this Policy.

We understand and respect your concerns about the privacy of your personal information. We want to explain some of the key principles underlying this Policy. This Policy is designed to accomplish the following purposes:

  • make sure you understand what information we collect about you with your permission;
  • explain what we do with that information;
  • hold us responsible for protecting your rights and privacy under this Policy.

If you have any questions about our privacy practices, please refer to the “Contact Us” section of this Privacy Policy to learn how to contact us.

The Personal Information We Collect

In this Policy, “personal information” means all data relating to an identifiable individual whose identity is obvious or can be reasonably inferred from the data.

Our website does not collect your personal information other than your IP address and certain information collected by Google Analytics or similar services, as explained below. Also, our Web site may collect non-personal geographic location information to optimize our service, but our Web site does not collect your exact geographic location or link detected geographic location data to a specific user. We do not sell your personal information to advertisers or other third parties. In some cases, we may request your email address to contact you. If this happens, your email address will only be used to contact you and will be deleted at your request.

Use of IP addresses and browser settings

When you visit our website, we log the IP address and browser settings of your computer or other device. The IP address is the numeric address of your computer or other device used to visit our web site. Browser settings may include the type of browser you use, browser language and time zone. We collect this information so that we can keep track of the computer or device used in cases of misuse or illegal activity in connection with visits to or use of our website. In addition, we may collect this information for various internal business purposes, such as:

  • Measuring the traffic and popularity of content areas;
  • creating statistics;
  • gathering broad demographic data for potential advertisers;
  • identifying usage trends and expanding our business activities;
  • general data analysis and administration of our website and affiliate sites;
  • improving or modifying our website and developing new services and features;
  • Compliance with applicable legal requirements and legal procedures, government requests, relevant industry standards and our internal policies.

We may also use your IP address and browser settings in other ways and for other purposes, for which we will provide a special notice on this Web site at the time of collection. We may use or disclose your IP address and browser settings for any lawful purpose to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Personalized advertising (formerly known as interest-based advertising)

Our website allows our partners to collect certain information about you in order to provide you with personalized advertising. Our partners are leading advertising groups, based on the effectiveness of digital technology, who work hard to ensure that your personal information is secure and used appropriately. They may collect certain information from your computer or device, such as:

  • your gender;
  • your age;
  • your location;
  • your areas of interest.

They may also collect certain information related to your PC, laptop, cell phone, or other device attributes, as well as traffic/session information such as:

  • The model of your computer or device;
  • the brand of your computer or device;
  • the agent details of your computer or device;
  • the identifier of your computer or device;
  • session duration;
  • activity information.

Using information for personal advertising

Information collected by our affiliates is used to analyze trends, understand user actions and gather demographic information to enable, manage and develop their personalized advertising and related services. Our partners may share such information with their affiliates. To do this, our affiliates use technologies such as cookies and web beacons to collect information about your interactions with our website and third party websites. This type of information does not identify you personally and is usually combined with other data to create segments – user groups and general categories of interest that are inferred based on a number of factors (e.g., “sports fan”). Our partners use this information to form a more accurate picture of the interests of the audiences they interact with, including you, so that their ads are more relevant to those interests.

In addition, our partners may use the information collected through these types of cookies or similar technologies for a variety of other purposes, including:

  • In conjunction with advertisements that appear on other third-party websites;
  • to measure the effectiveness of online and email advertising;
  • for reporting website traffic, statistics, advertising data and other interactions with ads and the websites they serve.

Our partners retain your information for processing for their legitimate business purposes. The information is then deleted, archived for limited legitimate interests, or anonymized. Non-identifying information may be stored without time or use restrictions. We have no access to or control over cookies or other features that our partners may use, and the information practices of our partners and third-party websites are not governed by this Policy. Contact them directly for more information about their privacy policies.

Why do you want to receive personalized advertising?

Consumers like to receive personalized advertising for a variety of reasons. Personalized ads are useful because they are more relevant to your interests. Personalized ads are more likely to help you discover new products and services that really match you and your interests. In short, getting personalized ads can help improve your access to new products, services and features that are most relevant to you. What’s more, you won’t see the same ads over and over again because the number of times you see a particular personalized ad is limited. By opting out of personalized ads, you will lose all of these benefits.

Opting out of receiving personalized ads

If you do not want our website to show you personalized ads, we recommend that you do one of the following

  • Use the Google service that allows you to opt out of seeing personalized ads by clicking on the Google Ads Help to turn off personalized ads and follow the instructions;
  • use the general opt-out mechanism for third-party advertisers who are members of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) by clicking NAI Opt Out of Interest-Based Advertising and follow the instructions;

Please note that if you choose to opt out, your opt-out will be managed by cookies. If you delete these cookies or use a different browser or computer, you will have to make the same choice again.

When you opt-out of personalized advertising, you may continue to see online advertisements on the Service and/or our advertisements on other websites and online services.

Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns about your privacy or this Policy, please contact us directly as indicated on the contact form for this website.


We strive to use reasonable organizational, technical and administrative measures to protect your IP address and other personal information within our organization, and we regularly monitor our system for vulnerabilities. However, because the Internet is not a 100% secure environment, we cannot guarantee or warrant the security of your information. Please note that electronic communication, especially email, is not necessarily secure from interception. For these reasons, we ask that you refrain from sending us any personal information about you or any other person via the World Wide Web, unless absolutely necessary.

Changes to this Policy

If we decide to amend this Policy, we will post the amendments on this Web site before they take effect. In addition, we will indicate the effective date when this Policy is amended. You will then have the opportunity to decide whether you wish to continue to use our website in accordance with the amended Privacy Policy.