Rental Sector

June 13, 2017

Key Considerations When Selling a Rental Property

Key Considerations When Selling a Rental Property

The strong real estate market conditions here in South Florida could mean that it's a great time for you to cash out of a rental property.

While this can often be a complex decision, today I'd like to address a couple of common key considerations.

Tax efficiency is ...

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June 10, 2016

Should I Continue to Rent or Should I Sell?

Today I want to touch on a subject that comes up a lot at this time of the year - making a decision to continue to rent a property or to explore the option of selling it.

A lot of leases come up at this time of year and I ...

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Oct. 16, 2015

Renting Expected To Become More and More Expensive!

It's been great to see the continuation of the superb home buying and selling conditions across the area in recent weeks.

The feel good factor is most definitely lacking in the rental sector, however, after the recent publication of a report by the Harvard Joint Centre for Housing Studies ...

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