What Does A Successful Agent Actually Do Each Day To Sell Your Home?

A lot of home sellers make the fundamental mistake of assuming that all agents make roughly the same daily effort and carry out the same actions on their behalf.

The reality is that this is far from the truth.

For starters, a lot of agents are only part time. Then there's the gulf in performance between the average agent selling something like one home per month, compared with top producers - ourselves included - who routinely post monthly sales in double figures!

So what is the defining difference here? In a word, it's all about being intentional and having a specific plan every single day!

A truly effective and repeatedly successful agent does a huge amount more than simply placing your home on the multiple listing service and hoping for the best.

Top producers are marketing professionals who work to an agreed and detailed strategy with each client. This involves deploying a wide range of marketing tactics, including taking advantage of an ever increasing range of online opportunities.

The best agents are also great communicators, making dozens of key connections each day, including a network of past clients and others who can influence the sale of a home and, crucially, maintaining contact with the best buyer's agents in the area, who are an essential point of contact with current qualified buyers actively searching for a home.

This intense daily effort also means the agent is exceptionally well informed on current market trends, ensuring that your asking price attracts maximum interest and ultimately creates the best opportunities for an optimized return.

An agent's exceptional experience at the negotiating table means that you have the very best negotiator at your side, as well as an accomplished problem solver, ready to fire fight any issues that occur at any stage in the listing process.

Does your agent meet these standards or are you looking for one that does? Either way please get in touch with us for a more detailed explanation of the dedicated efforts that we make that result in high levels of client satisfaction that you can see for yourself in the testimonials here.

Kind regards
Aaron Novello