Why It's Never Too Soon To Engage With A Top Listing Agent

If you have plans to sell a home later in the year, perhaps you're thinking it's much too early in the process to start talking to a top listing agent?

This is a common thought process and yet the reality is that there's simply no such thing as “too soon” when it comes to making plans to sell your home.

Having a great agent by your side at the earliest opportunity enables the agent to create interest in the property even before any formal marketing has begun.

Top producers have excellent connections with the best buyers' agents, meaning that they can be briefed about your home in advance and identify possible qualified buyers, for whom your home ticks many, or even all, of their boxes. It's therefore quite possible to receive offers prior to the formal listing process getting under way!

Your agent will be very closely monitoring market trends and possibly suggest to you that it would be wise to push forward early with the listing, or indeed to delay it slightly.

Your agent can also offer great advice on staging your home, so that it is presented in the best possible way to maximize the return in the time frame you require. Clearly the more time you have to make those adjustments, the easier it all becomes.

Most sellers will be looking to move to another home, so working with an agent asap means that ideal properties can be identified well in advance, increasing the possibilities of a seamless transition into your next residence. And even if you're moving to a new part of the country, the best agents have excellent nationwide connections with other leading real estate professionals.

Perhaps above all, however, your agent can act as your real estate adviser from the very earliest stages, helping to you to make all the right decisions throughout your home selling journey.

We are very used to working with clients in this way and would be delighted to hear from you about your plans for the rest of this year, and beyond. Feel free to reach out to us.

Kind regards
Aaron Novello