Why Waiting Until 2020 To List Your Home Could Be A Mistake

The end of summer is fast approaching. It's traditionally a time when many people determine whether to sell their home now, or wait until next year.

This year there are a range of extra dynamics that suggest putting off your sale until 2020 may be a bad idea.

Firstly, there is tremendous buyer sentiment in the market right now, thanks to mortgage rates that continue to fall to new multi-year lows.

Next year is an election year, which can sometimes create uncertainties. There is also a lot of press coverage at the moment, speculating on whether a recession is on the way or not. Usually, with a high degree of probability, a recession comes after a drop in interest rates, which just took place.

Real estate markets don't look any better than right now, so moving quickly on the decision to list means you'll be selling at an optimal moment, rather than risking something changing for the worst.

Ultimately the decision to sell is a personal one which revolves around a family's goals and objectives. If you have been considering making a move, now is presenting itself to be a good time to do so.

Kind regards
Aaron Novello